CreativeThe Flunkies: building an educational brand for kids and teens

The Flunkies: building an educational brand for kids and teens

“The Flunkies” is a brand specifically designed for children and teens to provide educational content in a fun and interactive way.

Content should be both educational and entertaining!

For sustainable learning, content must be adapted to the audience’s age and offer engaging material in a variety of formats. Interactive formats, such as quizzes or videos, have proven to be particularly effective at catching the young target group’s interest.

Games can also be used to make learning experiences fun and impart knowledge at the same time. Digital learning formats offer a lot of potential here and make it possible to present complex topics in a more exciting way. During play, children and young people practice using technical devices while acquiring knowledge about a variety of subjects in a playful manner.

Using these methods can increase children’s and young people’s motivation as well as arouse their interest in educational subjects. In addition, interactive learning formats help young people retain more knowledge in the longer term, as they are actively involved in processing what they have learned.

The idea behind the brand “The Flunkies” is to create an environment that is both fun and educational. The concept engages children and young people and introduces them to the brand 1.5 years before the launch of the AVA console in order to build long-term customer relationships.

The Flunkies are presented as a series on YouTube. The series consists of short videos covering various topics, such as history, math, languages, geography and science. The videos are hosted by animated characters called “Flunkies,” a small race of people stranded on Earth. Together they have many adventures and learn about the world.

The videos are very entertaining and have a high production quality. They are designed to appeal to both children and teenagers. The brand “The Flunkies” aims to arouse the curiosity of children and teenagers and increase their interest in education. But why produce an educational series when we actually want to develop a hybrid board game console?

The long-term goal: our own hybrid board game

AThe long-term goal is to develop the “The Flunkies” brand into its own hybrid board game. The game should deal with the same topics as the YouTube series and convey knowledge in a playful way. The game is to be designed so that it can be played both offline and online. The idea is to establish the brand “The Flunkies” even more strongly in this way and to create another opportunity to get in touch with the target group. Since the game will be offered on the AVA console, it is important to start building the brand now.


The brand “The Flunkies” is an exciting concept that aims to impart knowledge in an entertaining way. With its high production quality and engaging content, the YouTube series aims to get children and young people excited about education. The idea of developing our own hybrid board game in the long term is very promising and could strengthen the brand even further. We are excited to see how the brand “The Flunkies” will develop in the future and look forward to more adventures.

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